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Let's learn Hiragana.


Today's topic is Hiragana. Hiragana is the basic Japanese phonetic alphabet. Let's learn how to read, write and pronounce Hiragana.

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Try to eat Japanese Bento


Try to eat Japanese Bento
Bento is a Japanese-style packed lunch.(弁当(べんとう)は日本の昼食のスタイルの一つです。)

I think that bento is really popular with Japanese businessmen who want to save money and have lunch early. (弁当は特にお金を節約したいとか、早くお昼をすませたい日本のビジネスマンに人気があります。)

Also you can buy a bento in convenience stores where so many bentos are sold. (コンビニエンスストアには、たくさんの種類の弁当が売られており、そこで買うことができます。)
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Minatomirai is beautiful

Do you know Yok... Do you know Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse?
This is famous sightseeing spots at Yokohama.
It often hold an event.

It hold Germany... It hold Germany's event today.

There are Germany's beer, sausage and potato.
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What is Golden Week?


Golden Week refers to the period from April 29th to May 5th when there are four national holidays.(ゴールデンウイークは4月29日から5月5日までの期間を言います。)

Including Saturdays and Sundays many Japanese have more than a week of holidays at this time.(この間には祝日が4日もあり、土日を加えて1週間以上の休暇をとれる人が大勢います。)

Many Japanese spend their time with their families and travel somewhere. (多くは、家族と時間を過ごしたり、どこかに旅行に行ったりします。)
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Do you have a ring holder?


Do you have a ring holder?
Today I went to a major appliance store, Yodobashi Kamera to buy the iPad. (今日、わたしはiPadを買うためにヨドバシカメラという電気屋に行きました。)

In this store there are every kind of appliance like vacuum cleaners, washing machines and refrigerators...(この店では、掃除機(そうじき)や洗濯機(せんたくき)、冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ))などさまざまな電家製品が売られています。)

One of what surprised me is that there are so many ring holders and I guess they have at least one hundred types of ones. (たくさんのリングホルダー、少なくとも100個ほどが売られており、それは私を驚かせました。)

Also they are selling them at 2000 japanese yen that is equivalent to $20 and these prices are really really expensive......(それらのリングホルダーの価格は2000円($20)であり、とても高かったです。

How do I know them?? (どうしてそんなこと分かるかって??)

Actually we are also selling a ring holder thorough our website and this is much inexpensive but not cheaper than ones sold in the appliance store in Japan and also (実は、私たちもリングホルダーをオンラインで販売しているからです。また、価格は日本で売られているものよりもすごく安いく、品質も良いです。)

If you have interest in our product, don't hesitate to contact with us. (興味のある方がいたら、遠慮なくご連絡下さい。)

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There are many kinds of sushi.

There are many kinds of sushi.
(You can eat many kind of sushi in Japan.)

(You haven't seen any sushi yet.)

(Have you seen sushi of picture?)

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How are honorifics used?

How are honorifics used?
One of the most confusing things about honorifics is that the choice of respectful or humble terms depends on the person you are talking about.

For instance, when Japanese people talk with others about family members or people at their companies, they should use humble words.

If you want to study more grammar, you can visit our website.

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Spring has come in Japan.


Spring has come in Japan.
Today I went to Nakameguro to see so many cherry blossoms. (今日、私はサクラを見るために、中目黒(なかめぐろ)にいきました。)

There are so many cherry blossom's spot in Japan like Shinjuku Gyoen and
Showa Memorial Park.(日本には、新宿御苑や昭和記念公園といったように、サクラをみれる場所がたくさんあります。)

I think the best place is Meguro River and there are approximately 800 cherry trees line along with Meguro River for several hundred meters. (私が思うに、一番のスポットは、目黒川です。数百メートルにわたって、およそ800本のサクラを見ることができます。)

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There are many freshmans at univercity!

There are many freshmans at...
There are many people at univercity entrance.

We see this situation every spring at univercity.

Can you imagine what it is?

The answer is welcome party.
Senior students hold welcome party for freshman.

Because they want to take new member to their club.

Welcome party hold everyday and many places.
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One of the most popular pastime for Japanese people is to go and stay in Japanese ryokan which has a natural hot spring or an onsen.(日本人が最も好きな余暇の過ごし方は、温泉のある旅館に行くことです。)

Onsen with open-air baths called rotenburo have become popular among people of all ages. (外にある温泉は露天風呂といわれ、全ての世代の人たちに愛されてます。)

The best hot spring place in Japan I really like is Hakone. Hakone is located in Kanagawa Prefecture and it takes only two hours to go to Hakone from Tokyo by car. (私が日本にある温泉で一番好きな場所は、箱根です。東京から車でわずか二時間で行くことができます。)

The air is cool and nice and also there are so many good ryokan. (空気がきれいで澄んでいて、多くのいい旅館があります。)

I'm sure that you can feel Japanese Hospitality called "Omotenashi".(きっと日本の「おもてなし」を受けることができるでしょう。)

If you have free time and want to recover from your fatigue, you should visit Hakone, which is awesome. (もし時間があって、疲れを癒したいなら、ぜひ箱根を訪れてみて!ほんとに最高!!)
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