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!,100 yen or US$10 !,100 yen or US$10 This is one of the most popula... This is one of the most popular donburi stores in all of Tokyo Ameyoko Situated between JR ... Ameyoko
Situated between JR Yamanote Line Okachimach and Ueno in Tokyo
One of the things you must try is donburi in Japan. There are many kinds of donburus, but if you like fresh sushi or sushi, you must try this one. This is one of my favorite donburi shop in Tokyo.

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SOKUJI ... Free for a limited time.

SOKUJI ... Free for a limited t...
Sokuji is a browser that gives an instant point-to-translate lookup of individual Japanese words. No fumbling to select text, no switching apps to try to lookup a word, instant pop-up translations in the browser as you read. To get better at japanese you need to read in the language as much as possible, this tool will help you read on mobile (in your commute for example)

link to our app

link to a video demonstration of the app

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Japanese-Online was not paid to post this message. It was post as a tools that we felt interesting. If you decide to use this app. please use it as your own risk.

If you wish us to review your product or post your port or service on this blog, please contact us.
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Healthy Bento おべんとう

Healthy Bento お... Healthy Bento お...
Like other countries, Japanese are more health cautious. I found this 400KCal Obento in Japan. This is very good meal for just 400KCal.

Health in Japanese is "Kenko" 健康(けんこう)
Healthy Obento is "Kenkou Na Obento"

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