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Japanese Likes to Abbreviate Words

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Japanese Likes to Abbreviate ...
Japanese people (younger generations) often create new words by shortening or abbreviating words. Here are some examples.

  • Pasokon = Personal Computer
  • Anime = Animation
  • Meado = Mail Address
  • Kenta or KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Makudo or Make = McDonald's
  • Amerfuto = American Football
  • DejiKame = Digital Camera
  • Konbini = Convenience Store
  • Eakon = Air Conditioning
  • Sumaho = Smart Phone
  • Pasokon = Personal Computer
  • Burapi = Brad Pitt
  • Shuwa-Chan = Arnold Schwarzenegger

    There are many many more example of those words, if you can shrink of any please share.
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