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Japanese Fast Food ... Donburi 丼

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Gyudon ... Beef Donburi Gyudon ... Beef Donburi Unadon ... Unagi (teriyaki eel)... Unadon ... Unagi (teriyaki eel) Donburi Another Una Don Another Una Don Gyu Don Gyu Don Tendon ... Tempura Donburi Tendon ... Tempura Donburi Una Don Again Una Don Again Kaisen Donburi Kaisen Donburi I don't remember what it is. I don't remember what it is. Negi Toro Don Negi Toro Don Roast Beef Donburi Roast Beef Donburi
When you put main ingredients on top of rice ... it is called Danburi. There are many kinds of Danburi in Japan. Here are some pictures of what I had.
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