Can you believe this ad?

I took this picture back 2003 thinking this is wrong.

Hanarerya Iiyan
Denwa Yashi

If you can talk. That should be Enough
It is only a phone

Back in 2003, there was an advertisement like this saying cellular phone needs to be able to work as a phone.
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Visiting Home - Japanese Lesson with Voice

Konnichiwa Ojyama Itashimasu
こんにちは おじゃまいたします
Hello, We will bother you.

Youkoso Irassyaimase
ようこそ いらっしゃいませ
Welcome, Welcome

Goyukkuri Shitekudasai
ごゆっくり してください
Please relax

Kyou wa Ojima Shimashita
We bothers you today

Dou Itashimashite
You're welcome

Shitsurei Itashimasu
Execuse us

Mata Okoshi Kudasai
Please come again

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