Traveling Japan from Taiwan Tomorrow

From the 91 st floor of Taipe 101.
This is as high as a visitor can go.
UYou have to climb 2 floors to get here.
This is what you see looking down from the 90th floor staircase.
I am traveling to Tokyo tomorrow.
Taipei just remind me of old Japan when I was glowing up.
I don’t feel like I am in different country.
I do not know know very much about this country.
I need to come more often.
Well, I think I have a business idea.

Another thing I noticed was, people here love Japan.
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Power Generation in Japan

We used to think that japan has very little natural resources so the power must be generated using resources using imported materials such as oil and gas. That was one of the biggest drive to push Japan into using nuclear power.

With new technologies and researches, there are more resources arrounding Japan. There is not need to rely on nuclear enegergy ,... but because there are so many companies relying on the nuclear businesses, Japan cannot just drop nuclear solutions.

There is a separation of religion and government, there should be a separation of business and government. Government is not bad. Business is not bad. But when they work together, bad things happen.
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Japanese Fast Food in Taipe

NT$99 ... That is about US$3.00
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