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Shirankedo (I don't know)

There is a word often used in Kansai dialect, "Shirankedo (I don't know).” This means that someone is not sure if what they are saying is correct or not.

“I heard that Mr. Trump lost the election. Shirankedo (I don't know).”

This is the way it is used.

The Kansai region is a city of merchants. Therefore, you have to take responsibility for what you say, but you need to maintain the audiences’ attention. Therefore, they avoid declaring the information has no proof until the end.

Outside of the Kansai region, there is not a gentle way of avoiding responsibility until the end. In Kanto and other parts of Japan, responsibility is avoided at the beginning of the conversation by saying, "I heard a story," "It may be a rumor," or "I'm not sure.” However, in the Kansai dialect, no responsibility is avoided until the end of the story, so people who are listening, listen to the story intently.

Therefore, if they are told "Shirankedo (I don't know)" at the end, they would just laugh and say, "Oh, you don't know?” When you go to the Kansai area or talk with Kansai people in Japanese, please pay attention for the use of "Shirankedo (I don't know)" and try to listen to them.

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