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Try to eat Japanese Bento

Bento is a Japanese-style packed lunch.(弁当(べんとう)は日本の昼食のスタイルの一つです。)

I think that bento is really popular with Japanese businessmen who want to save money and have lunch early. (弁当は特にお金を節約したいとか、早くお昼をすませたい日本のビジネスマンに人気があります。)

Also you can buy a bento in convenience stores where so many bentos are sold. (コンビニエンスストアには、たくさんの種類の弁当が売られており、そこで買うことができます。)
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Minatomirai is beautiful

Do you know Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse?
This is famous sightseeing spots at Yokohama.
It often hold an event.

It hold Germany's event today.

There are Germany's beer, sausage and potato.
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Honne and Tatemae

Honne are our honest thoughts and feelings and tatemae is what we are supposed to say in any given situation. (本音(ほんね)は、人が正直に思ったり感じたりしていること、建前(たてまえ)は、たとえ思っていたことでも、言わないほうがいいと思われることをいいます。)

Japanese people often avoid saying their honest feelings in order to keep harmony in their communities and society as a while. (日本人は、しばし共同体や社会の調和を保つために、本心をいうことをさける傾向があります。)

However, this culture causes misunderstandings between Japanese and foreigners, who may find these attitudes dishonest.(しかしながら、このような日本の文化は、それを不正直だと捉える外国人との間に、誤解をもたらしたりします。)
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Many pastries

In Japanese convenience stores, they have many pastries.

There are so many variety of pastries and we can choose from them.

Then, I wanna introduce two pastries from these.

First, this is "Melon bread". It's sweet bread because it's used sugar. But it's not including melon! (1つ目に”メロンパン”です。メロンパンは砂糖が使われているので、甘いパンです。ですが、メロンは含まれていません!)
The reason of this name is that this design looks like melon. So we might call "Melon bread".(この名前理由は模様がメロンのように見えるからです。だから私たちはメロンパンと呼ぶのかもしれません。)

Second, this is "Yakisoba dog". It's that Yakisoba is split between bread.
I think it looks weird for you guys.

Let's try to eat Japanese pastries!

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What is Golden Week?

Golden Week refers to the period from April 29th to May 5th when there are four national holidays.(ゴールデンウイークは4月29日から5月5日までの期間を言います。)

Including Saturdays and Sundays many Japanese have more than a week of holidays at this time.(この間には祝日が4日もあり、土日を加えて1週間以上の休暇をとれる人が大勢います。)

Many Japanese spend their time with their families and travel somewhere. (多くは、家族と時間を過ごしたり、どこかに旅行に行ったりします。)
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The Avengers show up in Japan!

The Avengers show up at Roppongi station in Japan.
The Avengers are also famous in Japan, there are many people who want to see this figure.
Due to 27th in April. Let's see it!!

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Do you know such a system.
It’s a unique system at Izakaya.

This is all-you-can-drink, so you can drink almost alcohol at Izakaya.
And the price depends on each Izakaya, but almost those are providing cheap price.
I want American bar to introduce such a system. lol
So when you come Japan, you don’t worry money and can drink much until you are satisfied.

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Do you have a ring holder?

Today I went to a major appliance store, Yodobashi Kamera to buy the iPad. (今日、わたしはiPadを買うためにヨドバシカメラという電気屋に行きました。)

In this store there are every kind of appliance like vacuum cleaners, washing machines and refrigerators...(この店では、掃除機(そうじき)や洗濯機(せんたくき)、冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ))などさまざまな電家製品が売られています。)

One of what surprised me is that there are so many ring holders and I guess they have at least one hundred types of ones. (たくさんのリングホルダー、少なくとも100個ほどが売られており、それは私を驚かせました。)

Also they are selling them at 2000 japanese yen that is equivalent to $20 and these prices are really really expensive......(それらのリングホルダーの価格は2000円($20)であり、とても高かったです。

How do I know them?? (どうしてそんなこと分かるかって??)

Actually we are also selling a ring holder thorough our website and this is much inexpensive but not cheaper than ones sold in the appliance store in Japan and also (実は、私たちもリングホルダーをオンラインで販売しているからです。また、価格は日本で売られているものよりもすごく安いく、品質も良いです。)

If you have interest in our product, don't hesitate to contact with us. (興味のある方がいたら、遠慮なくご連絡下さい。)

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There are many kinds of sushi.

(You can eat many kind of sushi in Japan.)

(You haven't seen any sushi yet.)

(Have you seen sushi of picture?)

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