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【Pinpoint Marketing Japan】~Market Place Booth~

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【Pinpoint Marke... 【Pinpoint Marke...
【Pinpoint Marketing Japan】~Market Place Booth~

Pinpoint what you want by looking at the unique products Pinpoint Marketing Japan will bring to Japan Fair!

Try to pinpoint what the bottom left product is! Give up? It's a fish bone tweezer! This popular fish bone tweezer made by Asahi Industry has a sharp edge made from stainless steel making it easy to pick out even the smallest of bones. The non-slip ergonomic grip and spring makes it so the repetitive grabbing and dropping of bones is easy on your hands.

Pinpoint Marketing Japan is a marketing consultant who helps companies sell their products abroad in both the US and Japan. Through Pinpoint Marketing Japan, companies in Japan are able to expand their business to the US, while US businesses can make their way into the Japanese market.

Another few items they distribute, and will be selling at Japan Fair 2017, are TEPRA, washi tape, and roof ornaments.

Ever seen households or teachers who use printed labels and stickers? TEPRA is able to do that for you! You can type anything into the machine to have it printed onto tape. You can even have it printed on washi tape so it looks really pretty!

So then what's washi tape? Washi is a Japanese word meaning Japanese paper. The design and coloring on washi is appealing to many people. Washi tape is a type of masking tape from Japan that uses washi designs and color instead of the boring pale yellow that most tapes around here are.

Finally, the roof ornaments that Pinpoint Marketing Japan sell are traditionally found on Japanese roofs. These roof ornaments are made out of copper with a demon on the front, and come in three different sizes!

Introducing innovative Japanese products and services to the US market since 2000. We will be exhibiting and selling unique products from Japan at the fair. Learn about Japanese culture through authentic, fun, and not readily available items in the US.  Visit our booth to learn more!
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