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  • 【Kid's Area】~Activities~

【Kid's Area】~Activities~

【Kid's Area】~Activities~

A part of the main exhibit hall will be dedicated to a Kid's Area. There will be many activities for the kids!

Near the entrance of the main exhibit hall, the Kid's Area will have origami activities, calligraphy writing, water balloon yo-yo fishing, Guinness World Record attempt origami fish fishing, and masks will be on sale.

Folding paper may sound not sound amusing at first. But imagine folding various animals with a single piece of paper. In the Kid's Area, you will be able to fold many different kinds of animals and objects. Instructions and paper will be provided!

Using a brush is very different from writing with a pencil. By using a brush, there are many different accents and textures you can create that aren't possible by a pencil. While looking at an example, you can have a try at writing a kanji of your choice. Can't find a kanji you want to write? You can ask one of the volunteers there to write you one on the spot!

One of the staples of a Japanese matsuri (festival) is yo-yo fishing. You must hook one of the water filled yo-yos to get your own. But here's the catch. The line is made out of paper, so it can rip easily! Test your patience and skill by fishing for water balloon yo-yos.

Back in February, the students of Bellevue Children's Academy and Willows Preparatory School folded origami fish to display at the Seattle Boat Show. While a display of 1,500 origami fish would earn them the Guinness World Record, a total of 8121 fish were folded to be displayed! Right now, the record is in the process of review. In the Kid's Area, you will be able to see just some of the fish (8000 fish is just way too much to display).

Another staple of Japanese matsuri are masks! The colorful masks are something everyone wants as a kid when they go to a festival. They're meant to be for kids, but who says adults can't get them too?

Come to Japan Fair 2017 and enjoy all of the Kid's Area activities with your children and grandchildren!
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