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【Hokubei Hochi Foundation】

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【Hokubei Hochi ...
【Hokubei Hochi Foundation】

Before the event actually starts, we want to make sure we appreciate Hokubei Hochi Foundation. Why? Because Japan Fair 2017 is operated under Hokubei Hochi Foundation. Without them taking us up, we wouldn't have been running the event as well as we are this year. Thank you!

The Hokubei Hochi Foundation (HHF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity established in September 2011, in Seattle, Washington. Located in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District, the Foundation’s mission is to promote and preserve the culture of the Nikkei and Japanese community through educational and cultural projects and activities in the Pacific Northwest.

You might be thinking, 2011 isn't too long ago so they are a newer organization. But what if I told you that Hokubei Hochi (The North American Post) has been around since 1902? They are the oldest Japanese Newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. Not so new, are they?

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