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Hello, this is Taka. Thank you JASSW!!!

Hello, this is Taka. Thank you...
Hello, everyone. It is June 2nd 2014. It is so sunny today here in Seattle. And I really like the great weather here these day.

My name is Takahiro Ito. I did internship for 2 months in JASSW so far from the end of March and it will be the last week of my Internship this week which is so sad. I really like Seattle and I wish I could get job and stay longer here,

I joined this internship to get a clear idea of what will I do for job after I go back to Japan when I finish 1 year study abroad program at Seattle.

Through involving various events of JASSW; Annual dinner, booth at Sakura Matsuri, Interviewing Riho-san and James-san as a writer of Story of my life, visiting high school to teach Japaneses as JIS volunteer, I could gain many precious experiences which covers business, education, culture.

Although I don't decide what kind of job will I have in the future, those experiences got from this internship experience will help me to get a better life in the future. I can confidently say that I am a completely different person from the one who started to work here 2 months ago!!

Thank you for reading through this blog and if you are curious about me, please contact me any time, especially if you have any job information or employ opportunity here at Seattle, please let me know because I want to work here at Seattle~.

My LINE account is winwinwin777
search me as the key word "Takahiro Ito", "Waseda" on Facebook.

Thank you,
Takahiro Ito.
Waseda university SILS department 4th grade.
UW TSA international student.

Special thanks to my great cowaorkers which is
Dale Watanabe,
Akiko Olson,

You guys are Awesome!!


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