Beautiful Morining in Tokyo

Mt. Fuji in the distance.
I took I this picture from my hotel room ... The buildings you see are diowntown Shinjyuku. If you look closely to your left, you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.
Can you see it?

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I did not fly A350 ... It was 777-200

I have arrived in Japan ... By the time I got the hotel, it was already passed 11:00pm.
It is a beautiful ornimng in Tokyo. I really have to plan to have a tour with my rounds from Seattle to Tokyo.

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I am flying Airbus A350 from Seattle

Tomorrow, I will be flying to Japan on ASIANA which used Airbus A350 ... This will be a first time I A350. I am looking forward to this.
#AirbusA350 #ASIANA

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Customer Feedback

It is getting very expensive to eat out in Seattle.
How important for you to know what customers are thinking about your service?
It does not only apply to restaurant business ... It apply to every business that provide any kind of customer service.

I just went to a restaurant this morning and after I made a payment with my Credit Card, somehow I got a receipt with instant customer feedback.

PSPinc has created a customer feedback program on cloud. If you think your business can benefit from having customer feedback, please let us know to set you up.
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Shopping Today

I went to Seattle Premium Outlets in Marysville to do some shopping for my travel to Japan starting next Tuesday. I found my favorite shoe (golf shoe) store there. They just opened two weeks ago.

I sed to go there for TUMI but now I head straight to Helly Hansen, Timbuk 2 and now ecco.

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Loosing Your Best Friend

Every time I see someone I know posting about loosing their pet ... I really feel for them. I went through that on April 3 ... I am not still over that. I don't think I will ever get over it.

I draw Pompom every day to make sure I remember. I write message to Pompom everyday to make sure he knows what he meant to me.

You don’t get over it
– You just get through it.
You don’t get by it
– because you can’t get around it.
It doesn’t get better
– it just gets different.
– Grief puts on a new face.
#pompomwashere #PostInHeaven

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Apple iPhone XR

No new features ... Over priced.
#valueproposition #marketing

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Company Lunch

Every year, we have a Mexican catering for lunch at the end of November.

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Fake Nike Site
This is fake!!!
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USA Stock Market ... Not for a weak heart!!!

Today alone NASDAQ went down 4.43%
The stock market crumbled over 10% last few weeks ... This is not a good time to talk to an investor. I think this has a lot to do with the mid-term election. What do you think?

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Branding / Company Logos

Chupa Chups logo was designed by ...
I did not know...

#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing

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When you are lucky ...


This translates to

When you are lucky, when luck is in, people surely speak ill of you.

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Japan Airlines: Seattle nonstops will connect to Tokyo Narita

Welcome Back JAL !!!
Starting March 31, 2019 ... We will have Japan Airlines flying from Seattle to Narita non-stop daily. This is the first time both of Japan's major airlines, ANA and JAL, are flying from Seattle.
#valueproposition #JAL

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Best Steak in Town

Our friend treated us to a great steak restaurant in town called Melrose Grill in Renton. This is just unbelievable. I asked for no salt ... It was still tasty. I will use restaurant to entertain people for sure.

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The First Feedback is In!

I announced that we now have a customer feedback program. This program is used whoever we talk to customer about any task or problem. We started using this program yesterday afternoon and we had our first customer feedback yesterday.

The above was the result. It is always good to know what customer thought about our service so that we can improve our service. Does your company have customer feed back program? Do you want one? We can implement it for you.

Ask as at
#valueproposition #pspinc

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Is Coffee a Bean or a Seed?

This was a image I got on my mailbox today.
The rest was a commercial to sell me the soda.
Cascara Soda ... That was.
I did not know.
I don't really understand the difference between a seed and a bean anyway.

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Would you like to know what your customer thinks?

After you finish your customer support call, or finish your service at customer site, wouldn't you like to know hat your customer thought about what you have done? Instant feed back ... When you ride an UBER, they will send you a quick feedback form you can fill out.

Why don't you do the same. PSP has created an Internet system just design to do that. When you finish your job, just login to the website and fill out the simple form. The system will send an email with a link to quick survey like you see above. Customer will fill it up in sew seconds and submit it. People including you and your manager will get a copy of the feedback result.

Wouldn't that be nice? Now you have it. Just ask PSP.
#CustomerFeedback #pspinc #valueproposition #marketing

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Switching From Soy Sauce To Vinegar

I am switching from Soy Sauce to Vinegar in order to reduce my salt intake.
That is the result from the Kidney diet class I took.

I like vinegar ... specially a Chinese black vinegar. It has 1/8 of the salt of Soy Sauce.

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Lunch Meeting at Seattle Executives Association

100 company owners and executives meet in Seattle every Wednesday for lunch and leads exchange. It is a great group and there is only one company per industry. That makes us not to compete with each other.

If your are interested in joining, please let me know. I have to make sure your industry is not represented first.
#SeattleExecutivesAssociation #PSPinc #BusinessOrganization

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Eat-Out / Eat-in so what is Eat-Middle?

Those are words used in Japan to describe meals.

Eat-Out ... Meals you eat at restaurant (outside of the home)
Eat-in ... Meals you prepare and eat at home.
Eat-Middle ... It is a take out meal you buy and eat at home.

Thanks to food delivery services, there are more people eat-middle or eat restaurant prepared meal at home. There are many restaurants in Japan that is design for take out only. In addition to restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores sell prepared meals.

In the US, there are take outs but they are not really design to replace home made meals. I am sure as time goes on, there will be more restaurants and stores design to cater to people who would like to eat-middle.
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My Golf Handicap

My golf handicap has gone under 12 for the first time since I joined Aldarra.

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Glasses ... Hmmm ... I wish I don't need them.

My eyes are getting weaker ... I usually able to see everything without glasses. Now, it is easier with glasses. Aging sucks!

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macOS Mojave

I upgraded my MacMini OS to Mojave.
I hope this fix my Photos hanging problem.

It did not take long and so far I see no major difference.
That is good.

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Same Drawing

October 14
August 18
Mayumi is going on the business trip early tomorrow morning. So, Tiny and Nano will be staying with me until Friday this week.
#valueproposition #pompomwashere #pspinc

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Are you kidding?

I took this picture at Sensoji Temple in Tokyoō-ji
One on the left is a symbol for Buddhist Temples
One on the right ... Young people in Japan do not know.
Young Japanese people do not know the meaning of the swastika ... Seriously?

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Factoria Mall is Redeveloping

One of my favorite restaurants in Factoria / Bellevue closed its for last Friday. Also I saw a sign said Factoria Safeway is going out of business.

I read on the news that "Factoria Mall owners submit application to redevelop property" The proposed build-out would create 685 housing units and add 151,000 square feet to the mall.

This is a redevelopment ... I kind of think they missed the boat. The real estate boom is over. If they start now, by the time it is done, there will be big empty spots.

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Golf Today

Beautiful view of mountains.
It turned out to be a beautiful day today. I was lucky enough to play a round at my club. I shot 41/44 = 85. It is good for me. I used the electric push cart for the last 4 holes ... It was okay.

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Pompom, Tiny and Nano

Now we have stickers for three dogs.
Too bad, Pompom is not with us physically.
But I think he is here with me in sprit.

Do you want us to design your dog into a sticker?
We have an in-house designer who can turn your pet into a great image.
Please let me know. I will let you know what her fee is if you are interested.
If you want one, I am sure she will appreciate the work.

Please contact me at Pompom Tiny Nano Stickers Designed by Yuuki Sasabe

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While Supplies Last ... Ring Holders

#valueproposition #pspinc #pompomwashere #marketing #kiroboto

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Robin Williams & George Carlin on Golf

Robin Williams & George Carlin on Golf

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Customer Feedback Program

Today was the first demo.
We should be able to launch this system next week.
We have just developed add on to our CRM (AKA Pilot) that allow out customer support people to send "Feedback" link after the job was complete.

This allow you to send a email to the customer with the link to simple Feedback Page. When the customer write a feedback, the email is sent back to us. This is a simple program but very effective one.
#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing

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Stock Market ... Wakeup Call

It is a hell of a tumble today at the stock market.
I think this is the only second time I see stocks goes down like this since President Trump was elected.
It will come back up ... but it will take a while. I must just hang in there.

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Price is Based on The Target.

I bought a range finder for my golf. This range finder show how far to your target and shows the angle to the target. Showing the angle is not allowed in the completion but it is okay for a regular play. I paid less than $80 for this range finder and it works fine.

Most golfers know rage finders usually costs over $200 to $500 depending on the feature and the brand. So, why is this range finder so cheap. Because it is not a golf range finder ... It was design for hunting. (I do not hunt.)

This hunting rage finder does everything golf range finders do. It is just marketed differently. I guess hunters are more cost conscious. There are other products in the market that priced different depending on the target market.

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I made this site for me ...

Did you know I made a website which has no practical function?
I created a bulletin board system for me to post message in heaven.
I use this board to post a message every morning to Pompom.

Please feel free to use it yourself. There are two functions of this bulletin board that you should know. (1) It is SSL secured. That means whatever you write is encrypted and cannot be seen by others. (2) Whatever you write will not be save anywhere. I have no access to what you write.

You might say, this site is secure but has no function. For people who need to post message in heaven, the message is posted in heaven. I think that is good enough. At least, it is good enough for me. For last 6 months, I left a message every day to my love ones in heaven.
#postinheaven #pompomwashere #valueproposition #uchikuraco

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Cash Cards

This is good because they are not unsecured credit cards.
You cannot spend more than what you have, but it is as secure as credit cards.
There are many people who do not have any bank account nor any credit card. In America, it is very difficult to build "CREDIT HISTORY" if you do not have job or if you are new to this country.

For those trying to build CREDIT, many people are turning to Cash Cards like you see in this picture. I am all for people trying to build their lives rather than depending on hand outs. I wish them well.

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I am listening.

What can we work together to expand our market reach? Do you have an idea? I’m listening.
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Food at Japan Week in Bellevue

There was a Japan Week / Nihon Matsuri at bellevue College today. I met few people there. I am just highlighting the foods at the fair.
#JapanWeek #JapanFestival #BellevueCollege #JapaneseCulture

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First Golf in The Rain

I played 18 holes in rain ... This is my first full round of golf in the rain.

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My Fortune Cookie

It tells me I ma traveling far for fun and business.
This is so correct.
I am traveling to Japan at the end of this month.
How did they know? <--- Who are they?
#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing #kiroboto

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I could not draw this picture until now.

This drawing is based on the image I took of Pompom few hours before I put him to sleep. He loos so happy because I gave him a whole cheese pizza. He is looking at me saying "Is this for me???"

He could not swallow much then. I chewed pizza and gave him. He ate more than he usually do. He was happy. I am not good at good byes. I never thought I had to put him to sleep. I still feel if I did the right thing. Did I do everything I can for him?

I will not forget 15 years I had with him. People ask me if I am ready for another one. I don't think I can go through this again ... So my answer is "NO" at least "NOT YET".

I am sorry if this post made you sad. It has been 6 months ... Pompom is here pushing me live strong until the day I meet him again.
#pompomwashere #pompomiamhere #pompomishere

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Pompom left us 6 months ago.

It has been 6 months ... I still miss him.
I am sure he will wait for me in heaven if there is one.
#pompomwashere #pompomishere

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Country Size Based on The Tourist Revenue

This is a very interesting map.

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National Wireless Alart System

I did not know the US did not have wireless alarm system design for all wireless devices. Today, we received the fits test alert. But did they have call this "Presidential Alert"???

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Worthless Report

I read this article ethics morning.

Half of U.S. Uber drivers are earning less than $10 an hour, according to a new study reported by Recode. The median hourly pay for drivers is $14.73 — but when taking into account an estimate of $5 for expenses like gas and insurance — that figure drops to $9.73 per hour. Gig economy jobs continue to grow in popularity in the U.S., accounting for at least 5% of the workforce. • Here’s what people are saying.

People has choice not to be Uber driver. All they have todo is "quit" ... but they do not. So what is this article is suggesting is for Uber to pay more to the driver. Which caused the Uber rate to go up. That makes Uber less attractive. that causes less revenue for drivers.

It is a complete useless study and report. I rather see one of the reporter to become an Uber driver and see how much he/she makes. That will be a study and report.

PS: How do you calculate hourly wages for Uber drivers? They only get paid when they are taking someone or something to somewhere. There are idoling tome. How do you count for that?

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Project Management Meeting

Every morning at PSP Research and Development, we go over every projects at hand to make sure we are making progress. Sometimes, we need to change the courses or back track. But the review cycles are getting shorter. That is good thing dude to the project managers and dedicated designers and developers and testers.
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Big Data

Two things that you need to use big data.

(1) A way (multiple ways) to collect data.
(2) A way (multiple ways) to process data so that people can understand.

If you can do those, you are set.
#valueproposition #pspinc

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Lunch Meeting

Prime Rib Dip
Salad instead of Fries.
Where are people?
I had a lunch meeting at 13 Coins in Bellevue.
The service is little slow but the food was great.

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