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I will be 60 next year ... Time passes so fast. 60 is the age my father died. So, what can I do to leave my mark using the time I have left. We rarely think about the end. But it will come. We usually do not know when. So we need to make sure we do our best.

Golf Handicap

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My Official USGA Handicap My Official USGA Handicap
Handicap being in its 15.x for three years, it is finally starting to move down. As of today, my handicap is 14.0. It is not as good as I have been but it is starting to move in the good direction. My goal this year is to get to under 13. That will be wonderful.

ハンディキャップが15台からやっと14になりました。今年の目標は13を切ることですが、前途多難です。今日も 46/49 で 95 も叩いてしまいました。なかなかうまくゆかないですね。

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