I am always impressed with NORDSTROM when it comes to integrating the Brock and Motor Stores and Online Stores. I happen walk through the store and found huge section of store is dedicated to the pick-up and return.

When the product is shipped t the store, there is no shipping charge ... It also bring people into their stores.
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A Fake Renewal Notice

86 Euro for Domain Renewal
Euro is the first clue.
This email is fake and not sent by PSPinc. If you read fine print, you will see this is a sales solicitation, but it appears like renewal notice. I am vey annoyed bytes email. What a cheap tactics!!! This makes me mad.
#valueproposition #pspinc #dreamersi

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Microsoft Surface Studio

Can you see Pompom?
I drew little Pompom on the Surface Studio at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square ... I kind of like this divide ... $4,000 ... Not cheap.
#pompomishere #pompomwashere #valueproposition

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