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Mayumi is back from successful trip to Japan.

Welcome back, Mayumi! Nano... Welcome back, Mayumi!
Nano was really happy to see you.
Mayumi Nakamura, PSPinc's Director of Business Development, had very fruitful business trip to Jaoan and came back today. She brought some goodies from Japan.
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18 Years from 911

18 Years from 911
Terrorists killed many people 18 years ago.

I am sure US killed 100 times more people since then in retaliation.
That terrorist acts united the country against terrorists on that day.

I hope nobody is stupid enough to provoke the US.
People love to come to the US because the country is rich and strong ... very strong.

This is one country you do not want pick a fight with.
At PSPinc, we support people in uniform. Thank you for your surfaces.

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