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Heinrich’s Law

There are few theories that I believe and try to follow. One of them is called Heinrich’s Law. It is also known as Accident Pyramid. According to the WiKi, Herbert William Heinrich was an American industrial safety pioneer from the 1930s. Instead of boring you by quoting what the law is, I will explain how I understand it.

The law says, for every major accident, there are 30 times more minor accidents. For every minor accident, there are 10 times more non-injury accidents (or happenings). What that means to me is to prevent major accidents, look for minor accidents and happenings. If you can eliminate those small accidents, we should be able to prevent major accidents.

Let’s apply that to our day to day business. If one customer complains about something, and if we do nothing after 10 complaints, we will face minor problems. If we face 30 minor problems, there will be a major problem. So, listen to your small complaints and fix them while they are small.

We are running a datacenter and there are many problems. We try to take every small problem seriously so that will will be able to avoid big problems. Every big problem we have, we look back and see all the signs. We just have to keep our eyes and ears on them.
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