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My Newsletter Vol. 60

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My Newsletter Vol. 60

In the judicial community, you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. However, in the business world this is not the case. You are guilty until you have proven otherwise. If you are a business owner or in upper management, you really should know this.

When your company is accused of something, your first instinct is to tell the world that you have done nothing wrong. You should not do that. Instead, you should say: “we are now investigating *whatever you are accused of* and we will cooperate with experts to get to the bottom of this”.

You have not said you are guilty but you have not said you are innocent either. By saying that you are actively seeking the truth, you put yourself in the same position as people who are curious to know as well. Also when you announce that you will be working with your accusers, you present yourself as more selfless.

I am talking about crisis management, it is not that difficult. Just do not say you are innocent until you, along with others, have found that to be true.
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