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Supporting Local Businesses : Tuttabella

I took a bite before I took this ... I took a bite before I took this picture.
Great pizza.
No Coronavirus survives in the pizza oven.
We had great pizzas from Tuttabella.
They appreciate us for wording pizzas.
We thank them for providing great food.
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What is "A Machine Identification Code" ?

What is "A Machine Identificati...
Most of you do not know that your printer prints secret code to the printed paper.


It is called "A Machine Identification Code" which prints date, time and printer serial number using tiny yellow dots almost invisible to your eyes. This is not something new. It has been going on since the beginning of printer to identify and authentic the printed document.

How do you use it?

Someone may present the document claiming the date of the document to be 2 years ago with your signature. With this "A Machine Identification Code", people can proof it was printed few weeks ago and the printer that you have no access of.

So next time you print something on the inkjet printer, take a close look and see if you can spot small yellow dots.

ps: What happen when you run out of yellow ink??? Hmmm
#AMachineIdentificationCode #pacificsoftwarepublishing #kenuchikura #KenichiUchikura

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