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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol 8... Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol 8... Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol 8...
July 7, 1987 (33 years ago) - I founded Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. by myself. The company has overcome numerous problems with the help of a lot of people, good luck and my own efforts. Many people joined the company and left. I could not make everyone happy and I think it will continue to be this way.

I have always thought about how I can best control the company. With the Coronavirus, employees are now working remotely and face-to-face management is no longer possible. Needless to say, I have had a lot of stress and anxiety.

However, this time I realized that there are things that I cannot control, even within the company. I also noticed that the company is running even when I am not there to control it. This is a part that has changed significantly since this March. I had never thought about giving up control but I now recall that I had to do just that.

I want to make people happy, but that doesn't seem to be up to me. The company I created 33 years ago is now sailing without me completely controlling it. I only decide the destination, the rest is done by the company. I am the Captain, but this pandemic seems to have pushed me to realize that I am a passenger on this ship as well. I do not know how long I will be at the helm or what kind of ship it is going to be, but I will try to enjoy the ride as much as possible.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
Kenichi Uchikura
President / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.


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