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This clock shows how many days since the first confirmed case of Covid-19 was found in King Country. Washington, USA.

Since January 20, 2020

Coronavirus Comparison

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Coronavirus Comparison
Looking at last 14 days, Japan recorded little over 20,000 cases with 475 deaths while the US recorded over 1.476 million cases with 20,844 deaths. The US has 3 time the population, but the US has 74 times the Coronavirus cases with 43 times the deaths. Japan was slow in administering vaccines but now over 63% of population are fully vaccinated while the figure for the US is less than 57%.

The biggest difference is the general populations' willingness to get vaccinated. People are still lining in line to get vaccinated in Japan while people in the US are not. People in Japan are more willing to wear masks even though the number of cases are very low.

I would like to travel to Japan as soon but my feeling that I do not want to contaminate Japan as they are doing very well. I really hope the vaccination number will go up in the US but I am against forcing people. Until more people are vaccinated in the US, I dip not see how I can travel to Japan. Sad.

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