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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 137 Studying and Researching Should Not Be Your Goal!

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. ...

Studying and Researching Should Not Be Your Goal!

When you have an idea to start something, what do you do first? I try to make a prototype to see how I can turn my idea into a product. However, many people try very hard to research the value of the product, its uses, the size of the market, and similar products. And after thinking and thinking, they decide whether to make it or not. Well, once you have thought that far, a lot of negative factors come to mind, in addition to the positive ones you first thought of.

It's okay if you end up giving up or quitting after thinking it through, but it creates a situation where you can't go forward or backward, saying "wait and see." Living in the U.S., I think this situation is especially common among Japanese people. This is why people say that Japan cannot say "Yes" or "No".

In short, they think too much and can't reach a conclusion. There is no such thing as "100%" or "absolute" in this world. Even if you are told "it will be fine" or "there is no room for failure," there is no way to know what will happen if you haven't tried. Instead, I think it's important to start with a range where it's okay to fail.

I think small and medium-sized companies and individual companies must have the attitude of "giving up" or even "being able to give up" if they cannot succeed after trying their best. If they don't have this attitude, they will never be able to beat the big companies. It's scary when this attitude is born in big companies, but I believe that small and medium-sized companies and individual companies can still win in various fields because big companies cannot research, investigate, and act.

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