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Liver Checkup

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Liver Checkup
Next month on the 25th (the day after Russia's entry into Ukraine) will be one year since my liver surgery. Today I went for a liver checkup. I told the doctor that I was worried about the 1.5cm shadow found in last year's CT scan and that I had a pain under my right rib (above my side) since my last business trip to Japan.

Last year's CT scan revealed a 1.5 cm shadow.

1.5cm is too small and should not be touched especially now. I will have another Sontrast CT Scan next month to see if it has gotten bigger. She said that at this point, he doesn't know what it is, but that it is not large enough to be a concern.

I have pain under my right rib.

He said that this was probably due to pain from the scar from the surgery. However, when I told her that it was in a different place than the scar from the surgery, she said that there was nothing to worry about because the surgery was performed inside the abdomen, so it was not just a scar that could be seen from the outside. I had my blood drawn for a blood test to check liver function and cancer markers as well as to reconfirm the results.

In the end, they couldn't tell me anything but that there was nothing to worry about, especially now. This is my report of the results. I will report back when I get the results of the blood test. So, good health to all of you, I think I will be around for a while.

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