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Analysis of taurine and hypotaurine by HILIC

Analysis of taurine and hypotau...
Taurine is a biologically significant molecule with a zwitterionic character, which makes it a difficult analysis target. COSMOSIL HILIC has a unique anion-exchange mechanism which allows strong retention of taurine with good peak shape. It is USP packing type L104, specified on the official monogram for taurine.

>> General information on COSMOSIL HILIC

>> USP revision notice for taurine (PDF file)


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COSMOSIL 40th Anniversary

COSMOSIL 40th Anniversary
We are pleased to inform you that this year is the 40th anniversary for COSMOSIL HPLC columns. Please visit our special page to get to know the history of COSMOSIL and see the limited edition premium package.

Special page (Nacalai Tesque, Inc.):

Product information:

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