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  • Qualified Envirotainer Provider

Qualified Envirotainer Provider

Nippon Express USA, Inc. is now a Qualified Envirotainer Provider at eight (8) major Branches
October 18, 2012

Nippon Express USA, Inc was accredited as QEP (Qualified Envirotainer Provider) at 8 of its US locations by Envirotainer, a cold storage container manufacture with its headquarters in Sweden.

QEP accreditation is awarded to air cargo operators capable of handling temperature controlled shipments in compliance with strict logistics GDP guideline (Goods Distribution Practice) adopted by pharmaceutical and related industries. The guideline demands consistency in high quality of services as well as implementation of continuing education programs to employees handling this product.

Nippon Express Global Network has previously been accredited at major facilities in Japan, Germany and Italy. With enough experience and high quality services offered through its global network, Nippon Express USA, Inc. is strongly committed to providing cool chain management services to meet our customers’ needs.


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