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IMPORTANT UPDATE ABOUT: ACE (The U.S CBP system of record for processing air manifest transactions.)

On June 7th, US ports started using ACE to process air manifest transactions in real time. After the implementation, as with any software application, a few issues have been identified.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection through the Cargo Systems Messaging Service broadcasted "CSMS# 15-000355 Status of ACE Air Manifest Transition to ACE," identifying the issues.

Excerpt from "CSMS# 15-00035."
As part of the transition, the following system integration issues have arisen:
- Invalid Firms code on local transfers (1F). This issue is related to data references around port clusters. If you experience this issue, please open a ticket with the CBP Help Desk and indicate Firms code failing and an associated AWB number.
- ACE has addressed some issues surrounding the sending of 1C messages. However, problems persist with some ACS and ACE entry releases that are failing to generate 1C releases to the carrier. CBP is working to resolve this issue.
- 1C messages are being sent in FXI messages, when they should be sent as FSN messages. CBP is working to resolve this issue.

Resolution of these issues is a top priority for CBP. ACE programmers are working as quickly as possible to resolve these critical issues as they are identified. To further facilitate the transition, our Air Manifest operational support staffing is being extended through Sunday, June 14, 2015.

Resolution is a top priority and Nippon Express USA is working with US CBP to resolve the ACE issues.

Nippon Express USA will be monitoring the status and will update this message as we make progress...

Link to CSMS# 15-000355 Status of ACE Air Manifest Transition to ACE:

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