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Lights on - Right on!

Lights on - Right on!
I found this 4WD (Four-Wheel-Drive) toy car in a second-hand shop. I had an idea, so I bought it (it was only 50yen). At home, I drilled holes in the black plastic spotlights, inserted (入れる) small lights, & connected (繋ぐ) them to a watch battery inside the body. Now my 4WD has working spotlights! Unfortunately they only stay on for about 3 seconds, then die. That`s a bit disappointing. But I enjoyed showing & explaining it to my kids, & also to my wife while she pretended (ふりをした) to be asleep.

- Writing '4WD' is okay, but when speaking, it is always pronounced "Four Wheel Drive" (not 'four double-u dee'). Similarly, 'BBQ' is often written, but always pronounced "BARbeque" (not 'beebeeque')
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Commented by Yoshitaka
Posted at 2020-10-09 21:48

l check your blog. 
black plastic spotights is correct answer!

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