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Old Oldsmobile

Old Oldsmobile
I came across these cars in Ichinomiya:
1966 Oldsmobile Delta 88
1971 Chevrolet C10 Pickup. 
Nowadays a lot of American pickups are huge. Maybe that`s why some Americans refer to a pickup as a 'truck'. But in Australia, a truck is a トラック. And in Australia, we call a pickup, for example a Toyota Hilux, a 'ute' (short for 'utility vehicle'). 

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Tokoname Toilet

Tokoname Toilet
Tokoname is a city in Aichi, near Chubu Airport. It`s famous for ceramics. However, I couldn`t find any information online about a company called Tokoname. Sorry.
Also, sorry for posting about squat toilets twice in a row. lol
English Language Point:
- row = 列
- in a row = 続けて, 陸続 
- lol = Laugh Out Loud = (笑)

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