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Spiders - good, bad or indifferent?

Hobo Spider Hobo Spider females black widow females black widow male black widow male black widow wolf spider wolf spider ordinary house spider ordinary house spider
A few people have a great fear of spiders so control is important for their peace of mind. Almost any spider can bite and have a toxin - but, in actuality few do and their bite is usually very minor. People hear about the Hobo Spider and some person who has had their flesh deteriorate around the bite. Doctors tell us most of these "insect bites" are really from another cause.

There is no one-time treatment that will eliminate spiders, at least for very long. It takes a combination of actions on the part of the homeowner or building manager and a routine service. There are no long-lasting pesticides that are effective and legal. The treatment requires routine applications around the outside perimeters of foundations, windows, outdoor lights and, occasionally inside. If routine treatments are performed outside, inside treatments should not be necessary.

Cutting back shrubbery right against house and reducing outside light (that attracts the insects spiders prey on) will help. Avoid bites by wearing gloves and long-sleeved shirts when working outside. If you do get a bite wash and put ice on it to reduce swelling - and seek immediate medical attention if your symptoms get worse.

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