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Warehouse beetle found in food warehouse

Adult beetle and larva Adult beetle and larva Vacuum fumigation vault Vacuum fumigation vault Inspecting sacks of raw product Inspecting sacks of raw product pheromone monitoring traps pheromone monitoring traps bullet lure inside trap bullet lure inside trap technician installing light trap technician installing light trap
When a food manufacturing customer discovered beetles emerging from sacks of flour in his warehouse Paratex was able to identify the insect as a warehouse beetle. These beetles can be a health threat as the small hairs from the larva can be found in the food product and end up in the intestines of people. Then they can cause an inflammation and infection that can be serious in some people. Quick action was taken to bring the pallets of flour to the Paratex vacuum vault in South Seattle - the only such vault in the area. In addition extreme cleaning was begun in the food plant and Paratex technicians installed monitoring pheromone traps and light traps. Just another way we protect the public's health and safety.

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