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Homemade Ant Remedies

Homemade Ant Remedies
Since ants are appearing early with our mild Spring we are getting lots of calls. And, some people want to try home remedies for whatever reason - they think it is less expensive than calling a professional and maybe better for the environment. There are lots of home remedies out there, even ones recommended by Dr. Myles Bader, who wrote a book about them. One of his is to spread coffee grounds around the outside. Another is fresh mint. Variations we found on-line include spraying lemon juice or putting out cinnamon powder. There are even some exotic mixtures. One is borax, sugar, peanut butter and water. Another from Dr. Bader is equal parts of dried peppermint, rock dust, seaweed powder, alfalfa meal and cayenne pepper. Another person says what works for him is to put a line of chalk around the house. And, lastly, Dr. Bader says that if all else fails place a piece of melon in the yard far from your house and the ants will leave to get the melon. Whatever works, Doc. Probably attracts birds and rats too!

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