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4 Ways to Measure your Social Media Performance

4 Ways to Measure your Socia...
Hopefully by now you’ve set up your business’ social media accounts and started engaging customers. The next thing you need to do is measure your performance so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Like all other online marketing strategies in business, social media requires your constant attention and fine tuning to be an effective marketing tool. In this conclusion to our social media for business series, we will explain how to measure the success of your social media strategies using four basic measurement metrics.

1) Exposure. How many people saw your posts? There are different ways to get that information depending on the media, but exposure is measured by number of visits, views, followers, or fans. Many of the social media sites today provide the “insights” or analytics tools so you can compare various posts to each other and see which ones performed better than others.

2) Engagement. How did people behaved after they saw your articles? Did they share it, click to read more, like the post, or even add a comment? This is the kind of engagement you should look for analyzing what you post. When someone publishes a review on your social media, that’s another way users behave and it counts as an engagement.

3) Influence. Are you seeing users become brand evangelists for your company? These are people who have gone a step further to influence purchasing decisions from your company by posting positive reviews on social media, or perhaps they “share” one of your posts and recommend you to everyone who follows them. Other interested customers may respond to those reviews or recommendations by purchasing the product or service, thus creating the perfect social media cycle for your business. You can’t ask for a better scenario than others networking on your behalf and singing your praises.

4) Action. When someone takes the next step to inquire about your business online or request a price quote, or even purchase your products and services, that’s considered an action. This metric may not be easily measured depending on your business model because some customers may inquire offline, such as walking into the store or calling on the phone. That’s why it’s a good idea to train your team to ask “Where did you hear about us?” every time a potential customer asks about your business.

Measuring your social media performance is not your end goal, but rather a way to learn more about what engages people and what doesn’t. It can tell you a lot about your business too, through the eyes of the customer. Use the information you collect from your social media analysis to adjust your strategy, your campaigns, and your message accordingly. Learning from your customers and garnering their feedback is crucial to the success of your business and social media is a great platform to get that information.
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