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Types of Software in the Cloud

Types of Software in the Cloud
In my last post, we talked about the basics of the cloud, and I mentioned accounting software as one of the applications you can get in the cloud. Today, we will cover some of the other services available for your business in the cloud:

General Office:

One of the most commonly used cloud solutions is online storage space. You might be familiar with:

- iCloud
- Dropbox
- Google Drive

Many have similar features to keep your files “in the cloud” with the ability to access them from other devices. Most of them now have sharing features so you can define other users and let them access the files you have. In coming years, new features will roll out that focus on collaboration but I will expand on that point in a future article.


Accounting and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be helpful if you need people to work remotely on your books and financials. It enables outside help to access your company’s accounting files without being in the office. No longer would you need to set someone up with remote access to your accounting machines.


Customer Relationship Management also used to be on local machines but now it is shareable via the cloud. Like our own service,, being able to access the company’s data outside of the office allows us to work more efficiently.

What you need to be aware of is not all systems are perfect. Your access to the cloud relies on the speed of your internet, for one. Many of these programs are run on web browsers so sometimes the controls and the user interface will not work the same as when you run it on your local computer.

Remember, if your software is running as a service in the cloud, you have to allow a bit of time between you and the server in the cloud to communicate. And no service is perfect, so always have a backup and a plan B.
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