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  • Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud

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Advancements in Artificial Intell...
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming the norm in these modern times. With cloud computing, AI is just as available to small business as it is to big enterprises. For example, IBM’s Watson commercial shows us technology that can understand, reason, learn, interact and work with humans to solve issues and create more efficient processes. Watson is not a future story, but rather, it’s available today.

With so much data and information around us these days, we surely need help analyzing it all. AI can make it easy for us.

Take social media, for instance. In the past, if you wanted to analyze your social media performance, you would have to upload data into the software and specify or modify the data accordingly. Today, some of the cloud-based AI can analyze what it receives intelligently and provide analysis for you automatically.

AI can formulate solutions by ‘learning’ from patterns of information coming in (input) and going out (output).

Google has something called Front End Processors (FEPs) that accommodate computer input to learn foreign languages by capturing the data from everyone who uses it. That data then becomes the learning ground for future input, by suggesting the translation even before users finish typing a word or sentence.

Voice recognition is another form of AI. Hearing your speech (input), machines gather more patterns to create possible solutions (output). The more information a computer pools, the higher the possibility of getting the correct output.

With cloud computing and internet, and the continuous input of information, the world is moving faster than ever to create more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence.
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