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Useful Mobile Apps for Travel

Useful Mobile Apps for Travel
Whether for business or pleasure, when you’re traveling you’ll no doubt need information on where to eat, what to do for fun, how the public transit works, and where to go during that 2-hour window of time you have in-between meetings…

You’ve probably heard of the more popular travel apps like Google Maps, TripAdvisor and Uber, but there are many other free apps to make planning for your trip a breeze, including apps that can help you in the moment when you’re in an unfamiliar city.

Google Trips

Google Trips will help you explore your destination. It can be a bit intimidating when traveling to a new area, but Google can organize your trip info into the app from your Gmail account and be your personal travel guide. You can find things to do, places to eat and drink, and sightsee like a pro. You can save the points of interest from your browser after you’ve logged in with your Gmail account, then pull it up later in the app to find directions easily, even without wifi if necessary.


Figuring out when to leave for the airport before a flight can be tricky these days, especially due to the unpredictably long lines to get through the security checkpoint. The MyTSA app will show you the checkpoint wait time and TSA pre-checkpoint availability, so you can plan your departure accordingly.


If you like to walk instead of ride, the best trip planner for you is Sidekix, an urban route planner with walkers in mind. It will find the best routes for you to stroll to your next destination in most major cities. Sidekix can help you plan your trip taking into account your interests as well as distance.


Want to keep track of your travel expenses and easily submit them to your accounting team? It’s easy with the Expensify app. You take a photo of your receipt and submit your expenses to your accounting team through the app. You can also generate expense reports very easily so you can come back to the office, worry free.

Mile Log+

Mile Log + offers a mileage tracking program, so you can easily submit your miles for reimbursement. Instead of writing it all down and potentially losing the data somewhere, this app logs it for you so you can quickly generate a report for a tax deduction or reimbursement.

To find the best apps, do a web search online or within the app store (marketplace). Many of them can be installed for free so you can try it out risk free and delete it later if it doesn’t work for you.
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