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Website v. Social Media: Should you Rule one Out?

Website v. Social Media: Shoul...
“I already have our business on Facebook so I don’t need a website.”

The above statement is true only if your goals align with what Facebook has to offer. But before you rule out having a website, here are some facts about social media versus websites you should be aware of.

Websites provide static information whereas social media is an ever-changing landscape.

Facebook, blogs, and other social media sites are considered communication networks, where information keeps moving, whereas a website can be more static in terms of the information you provide. The photos and dialogue you post on sites such as Snapchat or Facebook will disappear as time progresses. People may see your message in their newsfeed but the information will get pushed down as new information floats in. Also, you can’t guarantee all of your followers will see what you post, depending on when they login to social media versus the time you post. On the other hand, your website will remain the same and the information available all time.

Social media requires interactions whereas websites broadcast information.

If you have a Facebook business page you must keep interacting with people who visit your page. Whether they post comments, complaints, or questions - you will need to respond quickly and keep communication ongoing. Facebook visitors typically expect prompt responses so you are kind of at the mercy of the end users.

Your website is in your control.

With a website you have a lot more control as to how your content and graphics display, versus with social media you have to go along with their format. You can also choose the platform for hosting and software for management, whereas with social media, again you are at the mercy of the providers such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also put energy into search engine marketing with a website so people can find your business on Google.

In the end, you simply cannot say one is better than the other. As we pointed out in an earlier blog post, it really depends on your goals and objectives. If you believe Facebook can give you what you need to achieve your goals and objectives, go ahead with social media. If you are unsure, try both. The two can go hand in hand quite well, sharing your web pages on social media, for example. Regardless of what medium you choose, however, without your management and strategic thinking, neither one will succeed. So make sure you’re ready to put in the energy and effort in either direction.
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