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Create a Story Customers Connect With

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Create a Story Customers Con...
People are eager to work with people they connect well with, that’s a fact of life. The same goes for people purchasing a product or service. If they connect well with your message, they’re likely to go further with your company. So, how do you attract customers to your company? It’s all about messaging, and here are some ideas to help…

What is the brand image you wish to convey?

Take a moment to think about the words that describe your business, product or service? Are you an eco-friendly carpet cleaner? Are you a modern and edgy graphic designer? Whatever image you want to put forth, be descriptive in order to tell your story and create your brand awareness. Use adjectives that relate to what you do, that might distinguish you from others. Then stick with it. Be consistent throughout your messaging and visuals.

What is the tone you want visitors to hear?

Associate your brand with a tone of voice you want users to hear or read. Who is your target audience? Should your tone be soft v. deeper tones, or male v. female, kid v. adult? Picture the tone your customers would connect with.

Why should they trust you?

Using the image and the tone you defined, how would you tell the story so users will trust you and your brand? Choosing the right words will make your brand go further than you can imagine, or go nowhere if you are not consistent. For example, if you have a childlike tone with fun-loving images, yet your story is about how strong and durable your product is, it may create a confusing statement to your potential customers.

What is your tag line?

A tag line is a few words about your products, your services, or your mission about your business. It shouldn’t be long, so try to stick with a sentence or phrase. It’s one line that sums up who you are using the same tone and image you wish to convey. It’s great for use in marketing materials.

Building a website is one thing, but first it’s important to have your brand messaging in place. Pretty pictures without the brand story does not mean much. Be sure to tell your story consistently within the framework of your website.
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