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The Importance of your Website’s Hero Image

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The Importance ...
The first impression is the key to your success when you are launching your website. Without good visuals to appeal to your potential customers, they will “bounce” out of your website within a few seconds. To keep them browsing, you need a professional looking site. The secret ingredient for that is the “hero image.”

Hero image mainly means the visual on your web landing page. It’s often placed in the center as the prominent banner image. Some websites use multiple hero images – where a different image will load each time, and others use a slideshow to flip through a few of them.

The hero image gives the first impression of your business online, so first, here’s what not to use:

- Low resolution photos you had from several years ago
- Out of focus photos you took on your smartphone
- Images that looks too dark from your digital camera
- Un-cropped photos with another business name or logo on the side
- Photos with colors that clash with your website brand colors
- Free template photos you downloaded that can be seen on other websites

Now here’s what you should consider doing:

- Hire a professional photographer so you can own your quality images
- Hire a professional graphic designer to tune up the photos you wish to use
- Purchase / download professional images from sites like, or
- Edit and combine a few photos you have with graphic editors (there are some free ones as well)

Good visuals and imagery can speak volumes about your business, especially in the online realm, they can be more impactful than words. So be the hero and put some quality effort into building your website’s hero image.
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