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  • Learn from Customer Feedback

Learn from Customer Feedback

Learn from Customer Feedback
Assuming you already have customers, have you asked them why they chose to purchase from you? Have they been happy with the results?

It’s possible to be blinded by our love for our own products or services, which can make our marketing strategies going forward too biased. Asking for feedback from the existing customers can be a very eye-opening experience – not only for B2B but B2C as well!

There are several ways you can ask your customers for their feedback, but the simplest way is to randomly call a few of them. If you don’t think your customer base would like being surveyed over the phone, you could give them a postcard to mail back to you, or try any of the following techniques:

- Include the survey / feedback form upon purchase.
- Ask for contact information such as email / telephone numbers for a survey.
- Keep track of your sales so your team can reach out to follow-up later.
- Give incentives for feedback, such as $5 gift cards.
- Provide a regular online survey for feedback.

You can look up more creative ways to get customer feedback or ask other business owners what has worked for them in the past. Your customers’ voices are the most relevant to your success, so do your best to get their feedback and learn from them what worked and what didn’t work, or what can be improved upon, and let their feedback dictate your business and marketing strategies going forward.
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