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  • Engage your B2B Contacts Regularly

Engage your B2B Contacts Regularly

Engage your B2B Contacts Regu...
Unlike consumers who are emotionally driven to purchase, business purchases are driven by needs and demands, which may come unexpectedly. So, being available when needed is one of the key elements for successfully engaging a new B2B relationship. But how do you do that?

There are several easy ways for you to stay connected in B2B relationships:


Sending regularly scheduled newsletters on a relevant topic will help your potential B2B customers stay aware of your business offerings. All the emails and advertisements we get in our inbox daily can be overwhelming, so don’t just send any newsletter, make sure the information you send can be useful to them, and let it demonstrate your knowledge, your ability, and your brand message. Keeping in front of them consistently will help you be there when they need you the most.


Like newsletters, demonstrating your professional ability and knowledge can help other business owners be successful. Plan on showing your skills to other companies via free seminars. Online seminars are now easy to host, but for industries with less internet-savvy users, you might want to host these seminars in person. The virtual connection still cannot outdo the human connection – not yet.

Season’s Greetings

For season’s greetings, birthdays (if you know them), business anniversaries, or any other occasions you can think of, send your contact a message, a card, or a letter. Sending a greeting will give you the opportunity to remind them about your business without having to engage in a sales pitch.
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