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LinkedIn: Social Media for B2B Connections

LinkedIn: Social Media for B2...
When discussing social media, we tend to view it as an outlet for individuals, but when it comes to B2B, there is one social space that is very effective for connecting with other businesses – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and purchased by Microsoft in 2016. It focuses on business and employment-oriented social networking, and currently there are about 500 million active accounts in 200 countries. If you don’t have an account yet, it would benefit you to create one. Like many other competitors, LinkedIn’s primary source of income comes from Google AdSense and other premium paid services.

LinkedIn has two sides – 1) the employment / recruiting side, and 2) the networking side. The first is pretty self-explanatory. People who are seeking new jobs post about their skills and experiences. When it comes to B2B marketing, however, the networking and influence side of things is more appealing.

LinkedIn has various interest groups, and people are networking / connecting / learning virtually online within the LinkedIn network. The same way you can publish a blog to get out important business information, you can “write an article” in LinkedIn to demonstrate your professional skills and highlight your business.

LInkedIn also offers advertising platforms for you to promote your articles:

Sponsored Content: For a price, your article can appear within the feed of people who fit your target profile.

Sponsored InMail: This is a different delivery method from sponsored content - it goes into the inbox of those people who fit your target demographic.

You can also look into text ads, display ads and dynamic ads that fit within your budget. The basic fee structures are the same as Facebook, but LinkedIn is more focused on business connections than personal connections. Take a moment to check out LinkedIn as another effective option for B2B marketing.
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