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Receiving and Downloading Online Form Data

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Receiving and Downloading Onli...
When you add an online form on your website, you can receive the submissions via email, but you can also get the data exported into one file so you can sort, analyze, group, and perform other actions in Excel, which is handy when you expect multiple submissions. Depending on the online form program you use, it will give you option(s) for such downloads.

Here are some points you should know when retrieving data from an online form:

Know where your data files are stored. Data storage can be:

a) On your web server

You will need to get access to your web server via a protocol called File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Depending on your operating system, you may need to install a program to access your server via FTP. Internet Explorer enables you to use FTP with a URL address, but instead of seeing a website, you will see the source files on your web servers. Find out where your online form logs are saved on the server, access the folder, and drag and drop them to your machine to download as needed.

b) On a browser-based program

You can also download a program that may have an administrative browser-based interface for you to manage your form downloads, such as PSPinc’s Dreamersi online form program called InforMakers.

Choose the right format.

The possible formats for receiving data from an online form are CSV and TXT files - both are text files where each field is separated by commas or tabs. These files can be opened in Excel and other spreadsheets so you can see and analyze the data.
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