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Before your Business Goes Virtual, Know your Target Audience

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People search the internet for information almost every single day. Equally important is the fact that small business owners use the internet to get in front of potential clients on a daily basis. More than ever, consumers and companies are being connected over the internet through virtual searches. So how, as small business owners, can you get in front of potential clients successfully? We’ll explore some ideas in November.

First thing’s first: the assessment period. Before you go virtual and buy ad space using keyword terms, you need to figure out the audience to whom you want to market your business. Being found online is a good thing, but not if you’re being found by a demographic of people that don't fit your target customer base. That only costs you money. So, ask yourself these questions to help pinpoint your ideal customer base…

1) If you are a new business owner, what was your motivation to start your business?
2) Why should people choose you?
3) Where should people find you?
4) If you are an existing business owner, who are your satisfied customers?
5) What are the demographics of your customers and repeat buyers?
6) How did they find you the first time?
7) What is your competition doing?

With social media at your fingertips, you may also learn more about your customer base simply by looking at the type of people who like or follow your page(s). As you answer the questions above and try to understand your customer base, here are some characteristics to consider:

- Age
- Location
- Gender
- Income
- Education level
- Marital status
- Ethnicity

You may have a broad range of customers within some of these characteristics and a very specific type of customer in others. Let's say you sell cosmetics --the gender of your customers is most likely women, but you may sell to a wide age range. If you sell high-end skin care products, the income level of your customers may reflect that. These are things to consider when pinning down your customer base. Once you have completed your target audience assessment, then you can move onto tuning up your keyword searches.
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