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Defining your Audience, Refining your Keywords for Search Engine Ads

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It’s more and more obvious that search engines are trying to show the most useful and relevant information to us, according to our online behavior. As I stated in my last article, when I searched “electric bike” on Google, I ended up getting 23.5 million results from it. But when I looked closely, I realized Google map displayed shops with reviews near my physical location, tailoring the search to me specifically.

Google can tell my location from an IP address (Internet Protocol address) – sort of like a telephone number for your computer’s internet connection. Every internet connection has an IP address consisting of four blocks of numbers ranging from 0 to 255. So, for example:

The point is, it’s impossible for us to do a search that doesn’t take into account our location data – whether using your PC, smart phone or tablet. My search results will always be somewhat different than yours based on our IP address and past searches.

Now that you know how search engines work for individuals, let’s take a moment to figure out your potential customers. The combination of understanding both will help you pick out the right keywords for your online ads.

If you are an electric bike manufacturer, let’s start with your price point. If you have high-end bikes, your target audience must be able to afford your prices. On my own Google search, I see prices ranging from $300 to $7000! If you make and sell expensive bikes, most likely you don’t want to use the word “cheap” or “inexpensive” within your keywords because you won’t be attracting the right customers and you won’t see the return on your ad investment.

By this process of elimination, you’ve just begun “defining” your audience and “refining” your keywords. As we discussed in a previous article, knowing your target audience will really help you refine those keywords yet to come. In the next article, we’ll dig deeper into getting more specific with your keywords.
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