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Fine-Tuning Keyword Choices for your Business

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When thinking about the keywords that apply to your business, it might benefit you (and your budget) to take the “big fish in a little pond” versus the "little fish in a big pond” approach. What I mean by that is some keywords like “electric bike” are going to be more generic and generate a lot more results than a more specific version of the keyword, like “reliable electric bike.” Fine-tuning your keywords to include an adjective or a location may help reduce your competition in the search results pages. It creates a smaller pond of search results where you could end up getting noticed more easily – like that big fish.

Sticking with our “electric bike” example, what are some other ways to narrow the search term so we reduce the size of our pond? What are some good adjectives? I’ve already done a little research for you, and here are the search results:

electric bike- 23.5 million
best electric bike- 8.76 million
best electric bicycle- 6.35 million
cheap electric bike- 5.21 million
reliable electric bike- 2.17 million
affordable electric bike- 2.78 million

Now you see the drastic difference between searching “electric bike” and “reliable electric bike.” “What is the best electric bike brand” is a keyword phrase that gives 13.2 million results, showing up somewhere in the middle. But you can see even though the keyword itself is a several-word phrase, it’s popular enough to be searched by many people.

You can always research Google to figure out the best phrase combinations for your keywords, but you want to make sure those keywords fit your ideal customer base. As stated in my previous blog, if you choose the word “cheap electric bike,” you are not going to sell your bikes if they sell at a higher price than your competitors. People may click to your site, but they will bounce out just as fast if they were expecting another price point. You might leave them with an untrustworthy taste in their mouth too, which is never a good reputation to have in business.

Choose your keywords wisely – ones that are genuine and give an honest representation of who you are, what you sell, or what you do.
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