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The Basics of Local SEO for Business

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Let’s go back to the keyword “electric bike.” Remember, it got 23.5 million search results. When I searched more specific keywords like “electric bike seattle” or “affordable electric bike” the results went down drastically, meaning the pool of competitive advertisers got smaller. Sometimes it’s best to narrow down the search results (and the competition) by choosing more specific keywords.

You should also bring your attention to the map. When your search results bring up a map, you’ll see local bike shops around the region. If you click “more,” now you’ll see only a few ads at the top followed by only a few pages of results and probably 30-50 shops. Competing with 50 is much easier than trying to stand out among 23.5 million.

This is called Local SEO.

Instead of putting your effort towards the bigger population, you put your time and energy towards getting recognized within the region. Please note that Google displays the local search results when it makes sense. For example, “electric bike” shows the local search results, but when you search a keyword like “search engine optimization,” you won’t see local business information on a map. From what we know, Google shows the local search results for companies with brick and mortar stores.

So how do we show up in the local search results list?

Here are the key points to know:

- Have your location information on your website (i.e. name, address, and phone number).
- Be 100% consistent with the spelling of the above information throughout your site.
- Add your target keywords in places that make sense throughout your website.
- Claim your business on Google My Business at
- If your business has a presence on the web elsewhere, such as a social media sites or website member directories, make sure all information is correct and consistent.

Make sure your business contact information is listed and accurate wherever you have an online presence so search engine crawlers can index your information and display your website among the local search results.
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