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The Power of Video Customer Testimonials

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Customer testimonials can be a powerful video marketing tool, if done with an effective strategy for success. Here are some important points for you to think about before launching the production of your video customer testimonial:

What is your end goal with the video?
What is the overall messaging you want the video to put out to the public?

Who should represent your client base?
Sometimes the unspoken statement goes beyond your marketing strategy. Be aware of who you use for your testimonial videos. Do they represent your customer demographic (i.e. male vs. female, age, ethnicity, how nice or casual they dress, etc.)? Appearances can have a big influence on your viewers.

Where should you have your video available?
Where would you like people to find your video? Your homepage, social media, or any other places online?

What messages / key elements would you like your customer to cover?
Be sure to list the key points and keywords, and ask your customers to use those terms. Once they are on camera, you have to rely on what they are going to say. A little training session ahead of the video shoot doesn’t hurt.

How will you measure?
Going back to #1, depending on your goal, how would you measure your video testimonial success? Being able to count the number of times it’s played or shared is one way to measure its success.
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