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  • The Future of Business in an Altered Reality World

The Future of Business in an Altered Reality World

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Your reality -- what you see, what you hear, and possibly what you smell and touch, may be impacted by some sort of altered reality. Even major companies are starting to implement different “virtual reality” (VR) or “augmented reality” (AR) techniques into their customer experiences, and we are going to touch on a few of those this month. The hope is you’ll read our case studies and see from a business stand point, where your company could go and grow as technology develops.

First things first: What is the difference between VR and AR? Because they are not the same.

VR is within a closed screen that simulates a new environment, and it brings new experiences outside of the viewer’s reality within view. Virtual Reality happens with some sort of viewer you wear; a headset.

AR happens in the real world in front of you. It combines the real world with digital information; it enhances your reality. It’s often referred to as a layer of information over what you’re seeing in front of you. For example, an app that takes a picture of your living room, and let’s you digitally place a couch in the room so you can see how it looks and fits before purchasing the real thing. Or an app that allows you to “try on” a new lipstick color by digitally placing it over a picture of your lips.

You see, VR and AR aren't just for gamers. Yes, games with headsets are played within virtual worlds, and Pokémon Go is an AR game where the Pokémon world gets layered over your real world through an app. But altered realities can work in our real lives too, and in our business environments. We’ll discuss this topic more thoroughly through case studies all month long.
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