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Augmented Reality and the Future of Business

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One of my favorite, recently discovered apps is SkyView Lite. It’s an app that helps you identify all the stars and constellations in the night sky. I’m no expert in identifying the stars, so when I read an article that told me which constellation to look at to view a particular meteor shower, I had no idea where to start. Enter SkyView Lite.

After you download the app, you simply look up at the sky through your smart phone, and the app overlays the names of constellations and planets to show you what you’re looking at. It’s the perfect example of how augmented reality displays digital information over what we’re seeing in the real world before us. Sure, I could also check out an astronomy book and see what the Big Dipper looks like, but this augmented reality apps bring that knowledge to us in a much more convenient format.

So, how can all this great technology help our businesses? Augmented reality can make things more realistic to us, bring information to us faster, and bring us together from remote locations. Whether it’s creating interactive employee experiences and meetings, interactive training and education resources, showcasing products in a more realistic way, or even designing office spaces virtually, AR is developing quickly to be accessible for your business needs. Soon, you may be able to repair an office machine on your own with augmented reality instructions versus calling the repairman. Or you may be able to travel to a different city and walk down the street with an app that shows you digital information over what you’re viewing versus reading about it in a bulky guide book.
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