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Case Study: The Enhanced VR and AR Travel Experience

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Did you know you can travel around the world in two hours as a first-class airline passenger? You can experience places like Paris, New York, Rome and Hawaii, and even sample some of the local food from those destinations. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is.

But within a virtual reality entertainment setting, you can experience something very similar to the scenario above. A Japanese company has created an around-the-world travel simulation experience for paying customers who sit in comfortable first-class seats and eat first-class in-flight meals as they virtually travel around the world in two hours. They even get a team of real-life flight attendants to wait on them. The city tour offers a 360-degree virtual view of each destination via a headset.

In real life, though, we still want to travel to the real destination to feel the air, walk up to the monuments, and physically interact with the people, food and culture. We can do that and still have an enhanced experience with travel apps like eTips, wherein select cities, it will overlay digital information about the city over the lens of your smart phone. A drastic upgrade from the days when I used to buy the regional guide book, study the city, and make my own itinerary. Today, you can use Google Earth to do all of that and get directions, read reviews, etc.

A commonly-used augmented reality app, which you may not think of as AR, is Google Translate. The Google Translate app can use your phone lens to scan the image, like a subway sign or billboard, and translate the language in real time. Travel is getting more exciting each day, and if your business has anything to do with it, it’s important to start understanding how these things can work in your favor.
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